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By January 30, 2017Danny Ray Blog

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than themselves.” -Joseph Campbell

Your race—your life—was never meant to be all about you; it fits into a much larger story. Not many people can impact the world like a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His stand against racial injustice was a significant landmark in American history. While only a handful of people were capable of delivering the speeches and sermons he gave, thousands were part of the bigger story—the racial reconciliation he sought. The men, women, and children who gave countless hours writing addresses on postcards, delivering advertisements in neighborhoods, going door-to-door soliciting help, financing, and supporting were all part of the bigger story. Today, we wouldn’t know about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. if a multitude of people hadn’t lived out their design, living for a purpose greater than themselves.

Your race is larger than just the money you will make, the things you will acquire, and the positions you will attain. Your life is meant to be a great story, like that of Dick Hoyt. His son, Rick, was born with cerebral palsy. Unable to walk on his own, Rick has been bound to a wheelchair since birth. At 15 years old, Rick’s heart was moved to participate in a 5-mile benefit run for a young lacrosse player who had been injured in an accident. Rick’s dad agreed to be his legs and push him through the race.

After the race, Rick told his father, “Dad, when I’m running it feels like I’m not handicapped.” Can you imagine how that must have made his dad feel? Well it must have felt pretty good because, as of today, Team Hoyt has competed in over 1,000 races, including marathons and triathlons.

Currently, the Hoyts are inspiring people around the world, not because Dick set out to change the world, but because he aligned his life with a bigger story when he chose to push his son in that first charity race! By investing in his son, Rick had a story to share with the world that was larger than him.

It’s not your position, your finances, or your career that determine your participation in the larger story. It’s your commitment. It’s saying to yourself,

“The race I run is not going to be about me. I am going to pour out my life to inspire others, to free them, to empower them, to share in their journey, to encourage them, and to lead them to the best of my ability. Furthermore, I must create a great story by not making my story about me!”

Run Your Race

Your race—your story—was never meant to be about you; it fits into a much larger story. How’s your story coming?

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