7 Secrets To Great Storytelling According To A Magician

By March 8, 2017Danny Ray Blog

Here are some secrets I use to tell a great story.

  1. Magic Is Not Confusion. If a magician ends an effect (read trick) and the audience is confused this is not good magic. This is confusion. A great story isn’t confusing but has clarity. Here is a 10 second trick that is crystal clear, a card vanishes and reappears somewhere else. Simple, fast and clear.

  2. Conviction Is Essential. If you are going to change an apple into an orange, the audience has to believe the apple is real. If you lack conviction your story will lack believability.

  3. Tempo Changes Everything. Every effect has moments where you must pause for dramatic effect. In any message or story there are always moments you can pause or speed things up. When I am developing a new routine I will map out points of laughter, points that need to be sped up or slowed down, points of reaction, if there is any part that is “boring,” I’ll ask how can I make this part more interesting?” Meticulously I will go through every part of my routine looking for ways to change the tempo to improve the show.

  4. The Surprise Ending. There is a moment where the climax of the effect happens, it’s in this moment that you can come over the top. At the end of this video there is an example of a “surprise ending.” Technically, it’s not a surprise anymore.

  5. The Best Magic Happens In The Hands: What can you do to make your story more interactive? How can you involve people? Not every effect happens in the hands but when it does it feels so impossible.

  6. Don’t Miss The Point For A Laugh. There are moments that I could get a laugh but I choose not to because I don’t want them to miss the moment of awe. Sometimes you have to cut something good from your story to make it a great story. What can you cut to make your story even better?

  7. Planned Spontaneity: This is one of my favorite tools to use. If you could plan something in your story that seems unrehearsed, unplanned it can really make a great impact.

Work on telling stories that have great impact on people’s lives. Everything I do as a magician is a metaphor for life. Magic, if you will, is the story of making dreams a reality—it’s making the impossible seem possible. Magic reminds us of the mysteries of life and point us to the Mysterious One. My job is to create moments of awe. This moment points toward Someone worthy of our “awe.”

Christian Illusionist Danny Ray shares God’s transforming message through captivating illusions.

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