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  • CREATING MAGIC: Your First Three Years of Marriage

    Danny Ray

  • Butterflies, Barf and PARENTING

    Danny Ray

    The diaper years, the insane years, the constantly smelling like throw up years are certainly a beautiful mess. These years are beautiful and gross, amazing and tiring, and seemingly unending. Once you go through the insane years, you never come out the same. It’s like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. Wings change the outcome, so does barf. 

  • 7 Pro Dad Tips

    Danny Ray

    7 PRO DAD TIPS 1. Never Clean Your House with a Leaf Blower Recently I returned home from a long trip and my wife was a little overwhelmed with the housework. The next day, while she was out, I decided I was going to clean. I started with the kitchen and made my way into the living room. I notice...

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